What We Do

Nature holds a special place for us, since it is a pure untarnished emanation of the source of life. The ancient Australian continent holds many mysteries – it is one of the oldest landmasses on earth, and it has its own heritage of spirituality in the Aboriginal dreamtime.

We feel that the Australian outback is a unique treasure for all of humanity. Much of it remains untouched wilderness, and in the arid quietude of the wide ancient landscapes there is a stillness and serenity that’s speaks to the soul. The eucalyptus trees of interior woodlands form living pillars in a pristine temple of creation, shimmering with sunlight by day and echoing with birdlife. By night, the Milky Way forms a vast ceiling, revealing creation’s shining splendour, undimmed by city lights.

We are run by a small group of committed volunteers. Currently we are working to find a suitable venue in outback Australia where we can gather and hold events. In the meantime, we hold gatherings in nature and various places, and plan to use this website to weave together the common principles of various spiritual traditions, and explain the practices that we use to explore what is at the heart of them all.  Stay tuned for further updates.

Outback photo

Gaia Australis Retreat