Living Consciousness

Everything living is consciousness. But what is consciousness? Science has never measured or seen it, yet we know it exists. We intuitively know it because we are conscious of existing. This self-aware presence we feel is what we are – consciousness – perceiving itself and life.

All consciousness, all life, emanates from the same spiritual source, and we are therefore connected. Consciousness is what we really are; it is eternal and exists beyond this body and beyond this life. It is the divine spark within all living things, and these sparks manifest on earth to learn. This cosmic reality can be perceived and known directly, rather than remaining a mental concept accepted or rejected in the mind, if you know how to perceive it. It is perceived in the same way we perceive our own existence – with consciousness – when the latent qualities of consciousness are awoken.

Person experiencing consciousness

All consciousness, all life, emanates from the same spiritual source, and we are therefore connected.

It is possible to recognise and live through consciousness, and live more in harmony with each other and our world. Living consciously naturally increases empathy with fellow living things and one’s alignment with cosmic spiritual principles.

Most people live with their consciousness dormant, habitually immersed in daydreams and inner states which are commonplace in daily life, such as stress, anger and anxiety. This drives what we do and think about like an undercurrent submerging our perception and taking us off course. Living like this, the true potential of consciousness is asleep and only a glimmer of its qualities manifest spontaneously through life: qualities like love, peace and wisdom, which are too often overridden by heavy negative emotions. These spiritual qualities can be brought forth and increased by awakening consciousness, and the world would be quite a different place if more people took this step. As it is, consciousness is being suppressed in the world.

Activating Consciousness

People practicing meditation

Activating consciousness is the first step to conscious living.

Activating consciousness is the first step to conscious living. This is done in any given moment. Thoughts, emotions and feelings come, go and change like the weather, but consciousness is our eternal, constant self. By coming out of the daydream and the stream of compulsive inner chatter and emotions that so often engulfs us, we can be ‘in the moment’ – conscious of the world around us and our perception of it, and aware of and alert to our inner world of thoughts and feelings – seeing inner states arise and pass, without being attached, drawn in or immersed in them. This is often called awareness, and it increases inner equilibrium.

When we try to be aware, the undercurrent of daydreams and emotions will eventually sweep us away, and submerge our awareness. Therefore it is a matter of training ourselves to remember to wake up and come back to awareness again and again. The more we try to do this, the more natural and stronger it becomes, and the more time we spend in awareness each day.

Ultimately, it is possible to increase and develop our consciousness to profoundly refine and transform its nature, increasing not only our ability to be aware, but increasing what we can perceive when aware, as extra sensory perceptions are awoken.

Nature and Consciousness

As consciousness abides in all life, it can be uplifting to spend time in nature, immersed in an environment abounding with living things. Natural environments have a harmony and equilibrium: the plants and animals are in balance with one another in the cycle of life in death in a particular place. There are many different ecosystems on planet earth and each is unique and often has endemic species. Thus each natural environment is a unique expression of life, which has emanated from the spiritual source to flourish in that particular place. Being in tune with the rhythm of a natural environment can bring us into tune with our consciousness and in harmony with cosmic spiritual principles.

An arid field next to a lush one

If people could perceive divinity in life, then there would be much more respect for the environment and far less destruction.

If people could perceive divinity in life, then there would be much more respect for the environment and far less destruction. Much of the natural environment has been destroyed because the consciousness is asleep and suppressed in people, leading to insensitivity and a lack of feeling for other life. Unfortunately, the modern world humanity has constructed is not very conducive to spiritual awakening. Not only has the natural environment been largely destroyed and replaced with mechanised, hectic and polluted cities and vast industrially-farmed fields, but also spiritual values are increasingly less and less valued or sought after, or even thought to exist. People measure success not through the advancement of consciousness, but in the acquisition of wealth, which is often acquired at other people’s expense. As greed prevails, so does selfishness, suffering and destruction.

The mechanics of modern life present a challenge if developing consciousness is your goal, but it is a challenge possible to meet. We can be aware in daily life, but it is definitely helpful and uplifting to spend time in nature to tap into its energies and reconnect with the source of consciousness that gave rise to all life. This can nourish, fortify and orient our consciousness on its journey of through life.

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