Our Beliefs

We take a holistic approach to spirituality, drawing strength and inspiration from many sacred teachings. But while spiritual scriptures can teach us about life and how best to live it, we recognise that creation around us is life, reverberating with hidden mysteries and the secrets of our spiritual destiny.

We believe that everything in creation, including our own lives, springs from the same divine source, and life exists so we can know that source and ourselves. We feel that we are here to discover who we truly are, learn, grow, develop our consciousness and connect with the spiritual source of all life, so that we may eventually return to it blissfully self-realised – a process we understand as enlightenment, which has been alluded to in various spiritual teachings.

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We put an emphasis on learning from life directly – looking within ourselves and connecting with cosmic principles imbued in creation – to change ourselves. By looking within we can gain self-knowledge, and through perceiving the world around us with awareness, and increasing the strength of that perception with inner transformation, we strive to grow in wisdom, love and inner peace. We hope to enable more people to do this too, and join us in this journey..

Gaia Australis Retreat