Update on Retreat Project

Bright sunflowerThis is just a quick update on where we are at with our retreat project.

Towards the end of last year we sold a small property and this has given us an amount to go towards purchasing a larger property which we plan to develop into a retreat facility.

Since that sale, its been a busy time and there’s been a lot work going on behind the scenes. We’ve been looking intensively over the last 6 months for a suitable property to develop into a retreat – searching real estate websites, contacting agents, researching into council processes and speaking to town planners.

We have found one property in particular which we are currently considering seriously.

We will post further updates as they arise.


Update 03 Dec 2015

We visited, assessed and undertook in-depth research and consultations to determine the suitability of this property.

Unfortunately it did not end up being suitable or affordable and so the search continues.

Gaia Australis Retreat